Business Fibre Optic Internet

Why Should I Install Business Fibre Optic Internet?

For every business, reliable, fast, and efficient Internet is important. The companies providing business fibre optics are making progress in this technology as they cover more locations now compared to the past. By installing business fibre optic internet, you can achieve increased productivity, enhanced network performance, and improved business continuity. However, just like any other technology, there are benefits and disadvantages of business fibre optic service. Business fibre optic internet is of two types, which are explained below:

Dedicated Fibre Internet

Installing a dedicated fibre internet connection will provide the bandwidth that is only dedicated to your business. The dedicated fibre internet has a very good availability which covers most of the rural and urban areas. Dedicated fibre data transfer speed is consistently reliable, uptime is extremely high, and organisation idleness, packet loss, jitter are low. This kind of fibre Internet system gives the best level of connectivity and uptime. Most bigger organisations that depend on Internet availability for their premises or cloud-based applications will pick a committed fibre Internet network. The drawback is the expense is higher than a shared fibre internet connection.

Shared Fibre Internet

A shared fibre Internet network is, as depicted, a shared network. With this kind of network, it is shared among different businesses inside a building or neighbourhood. The quality and reliability of a shared fibre network can fluctuate, with busy times impacting transfer speed, drop outs, packet loss, and jitter. The accessibility of shared fibre internet networks is more restricted and generally just in metro regions. Cost is the greatest selling point of shared fibre Internet networks, with a somewhat low-value point for a given transfer speed. Shared fibre internet networks are outfitted towards retail and small businesses where costs are the most important factor. Additionally, a shared fibre-optic Internet network is significantly less expensive since the connections are shared.

Installation Requirements for Dedicated Fiber

Dedicated fibre internet is a substantially more elaborate installation process for suppliers and clients and the preferred choice for most bigger organisations. At the point when you choose a provider and make the change to a committed fibre-optic Internet connection, the initial step is a site survey by an installation expert to survey site necessities. Most of the time, this would be finished by the network or internet suppliers specialist since they have the biggest fibre coverage area in many business sectors. Different suppliers will buy discount fibre access from them to introduce devoted fibre Internet to clients. To the extent of site necessities, some of the network may already be set up. If not, a network electrician can help with resolving most issues. Here are the site requirements to install a devoted fibre-optic Internet. 


The path starts at the fiber provider’s network, usually at the boundary line between the property line and the building. Sometimes the router and the original demarcation location is one and the same. Usually technicians need to trace a working path from their fiber network into the building. If you work in an office building this might require negotiation with the building owner. The path needs to be 2-4″ conduit with a pull rope, and bend requirements. Additional inside wiring/conduits may be required if the terminating endpoint for your circuit (ie office suite), is beyond the building demark. Plan ahead and schedule the business fiber installation with consideration of the fact that this first step might be time consuming to complete.


 A router, modem or other network device needs enough power to sustain a fiber-optic connection. Typically, this requires a minimum of 15 amps at 110-120 volts AC.


Grounding is essential for safety reasons. Grounding is required for any electrical equipment connected to the power source. Proper grounding is accomplished by connecting the equipment to a ground rod or building bar.

Space and Environment 

There are some specific space and environmental regulations to follow when installing a fiber optic Internet connection. These include meeting certain temperature, humidity, dust, and fire requirements. The installation location must also have a fire retardant backing board to mount equipment on or rack. Lastly, the power, ground and customer router must be close together.

Fibre Optic Installation and Turn-up 

When site prerequisites are finished, the subsequent stage introduces the fibre, test, and timetable turn-up. The majority of this piece of the establishment is done inside the supplier’s organisation, including fibre arrangement, grafting, and foundation to help the assistance. After that is done, they will pull fibre to the site, associate gear, and test. 

If everything tests OK, the last part is to plan a turn-up with the client, ordinarily with the tech contact or IT supervisor on location. There is no down time during this interaction since the administration is introduced in parallel to any current Internet connection, another committed fibre administration is introduced as of now. 

The entire setup of fibre internet requires around 60 days for most areas yet might need to be expanded if extra organisation development is required. Although the devoted fibre internet network measure takes longer than shared fibre Internet, link, DSL, or satellite, the results are justified. Data transmission accessibility, uptime, dormancy, packet loss, jitter are altogether prevalent and will hold up any business application at the most significant level. Most organisations that require this degree of execution and dependability will pick dedicated fibre over a common Internet connection.

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