Ensure You Are Looking After Your Employees

With an increase of violence in the health care industry, it is more important than ever for your business to have a thorough escalation process

The Statistics

Violence in health care facilities has increased by 60% in the past three years, this frightening statistic is making it more important than ever that you have the security and procedures in place to ensure your employees safety.

In 2018, It was recorded by Victorian Crime Statistics Agency, that in the state alone there were 539 assaults in health care faculties.

See the link below to hear true stories of how this has effected people in the industry.

How we can help

PHM Solutions provides a range of

  • CCTV/ Alarm fittings
  • Wireless Duress Buttons
  • Intercoms

There is equal importance in having security guards and thought-though workplace design, as it is to have alarm is duress systems put in place. These security measures can act as an extra level of support and comfort to men and women working in our health facilities.
Don’t let your employees be as risk by your business not being prepared

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