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If you are looking to hire an electrician in Melbourne, PHM Total Electrical Solutions has the right people and equipment to help you. We've been in business for over 12 years, and we're experts at electrical construction, commercial electrical installation, electrical maintenance, and more.

The Best Electrician Melbourne

A quality electrician in Melbourne will typically boast the skills and versatility to be able to take on almost any job, from construction sites to test and tag and just about anything in between. When you’re looking for trusted and reliable electrical companies in Melbourne that service the entire metropolitan area, you can count on PHM Total Electrical Solutions to get the job done.

We have a team of fully qualified electricians who can handle any job small or big.

Our Electrical Services in Melbourne Include

Commercial Electrician Melbourne

Commercial Electrician Melbourne

Electricians are responsible for the installation, maintenance and repair of electrical systems. They must be familiar with all aspects of electricity including safety precautions, wiring diagrams, circuit breakers, fuses, switches and grounding techniques. Electricians also install and maintain lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, air conditioners, security equipment and fire alarm systems. Electrical contractors typically perform their duties from offices located near the construction site. Some may travel to remote locations using portable tools and equipment.

Domestic Electrician Melbourne

Domestic electricians work on residential homes, apartments, condominiums, townhouses and single-family residences. These professionals usually work alone or as part of a crew. Most domestic electricians specialize in one type of electrical work such as installing new outlets, lighting fixtures, ceiling fans or smoke alarms. Others focus on specific areas of the home such as bathrooms, kitchens or garages.

Homeowners often call upon electricians when they need to replace old appliances, add lighting or update outdated electrical systems. Many homeowners prefer hiring an electrician because it is easier than doing the work themselves. However, some do-it-yourself projects require only basic knowledge of electricity.

Homeowners should never attempt to fix problems related to electrical circuits without first consulting an experienced professional. A licensed electrician can determine whether a problem requires immediate attention or if it can wait until later. In addition, he or she can provide advice regarding how to avoid future problems.

Hire a Professional Electrician Melbourne

Whether you're planning to build a new house, remodel your current home or simply want to upgrade your existing electrical system, we offer affordable rates for our services. We are available to help you. Our customer support staff is always ready to answer questions about our services. Call us today!

How to Choose the Best Electrician Melbourne for Your Needs

There are many electrical contractors across Melbourne claiming to offer the best services. How do you separate the cream of the crop from the rest? Here are some things to look out for:

  • Find someone local – Being closer means you’re less likely to pay exorbitant travel costs, making it cheaper for you as well as more convenient.Obtain numerous quotes – Shop around; don’t just go with the first cheap one. Read reviews of electrical contractors across Melbourne, but read them with a critical eye.
  • Ask to see their licence – Any reputable electrician will have their essential accreditations on them that allow them to work as electrical contractors either in their own state or across the country.
  • Request a certificate of safety – An electrical contractor will be able to provide you with a certificate of electrical safety for your peace of mind once any work has been completed.

If you don’t feel comfortable with your existing choice of electrical contractor service, you can rest assured that PHM Total Electrical Solutions has your needs covered.

Electrician Melbourne FAQs

How much does an electrician charge per hour in Melbourne?

The cost of an electrician varies depending on the location, size of the project and other factors. It's important to hire a qualified electrician who specializes in the area where the job will take place. The average hourly rate ranges between $80 and $120.

What is a commercial electrician? 

A commercial electrician is an expert in working with large scale electrical installations. They are trained to install, repair and maintain electrical equipment such as generators, air conditioners, refrigerators, dishwashers, and water heaters. Commercial electricians may also perform routine maintenance checks on these systems so they continue to operate efficiently.

What is a domestic electrician? 

Domestic electricians specialize in smaller-scale electrical projects including installing light switches, sockets, outlets and ceiling fans. They often work in residential homes, apartments, condominiums, townhouses and small businesses.

Do I need an electrician when installing ceiling fans?

Yes, you definitely need an electrician to install ceiling fans. Installing a ceiling fan involves running wires through walls and ceilings which requires special training and experience. You should only trust a professional electrician to complete this task.

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