Maximising Your Commercial Security Systems: Expert Advice for Melbourne Businesses

Investing in a robust commercial security system is a fundamental step towards safeguarding your business. However, merely having a security system in place is not enough; it is crucial to maximise its effectiveness to ensure optimal protection. This article will provide expert advice on how Melbourne businesses can get the most out of their commercial security systems, with insights from the team at PHM Total Electrical Solutions.

Strategic Camera Placement

The effectiveness of your CCTV surveillance system largely depends on strategic camera placement. Ensure cameras are installed to cover all entry and exit points, critical areas such as cash registers, and potential blind spots. Cameras should also be positioned at the appropriate height to capture clear images and deter potential intruders.

Regular System Maintenance

Routine maintenance is essential to ensure your commercial security system remains in optimal working condition. Regular checks can help identify and rectify any issues, such as camera malfunctions or software glitches, ensuring your system provides consistent protection.

Employee Training

It is crucial that all staff members understand how to operate the security system effectively. This includes knowing how to arm and disarm the alarm system, respond to security alerts, and utilise any available features. Regular training sessions can ensure that all employees are up to speed with the system's operation.

System Integration

If possible, integrate your commercial security system with other security measures for a more comprehensive approach. This could include integrating your CCTV system with your alarm system, or your access control system with your fire safety system. Integration can enhance the overall effectiveness of your security measures and provide a more streamlined approach to security management.

Regular System Upgrades

As technology advances and security threats evolve, it's vital to keep your commercial security system up-to-date. Regular upgrades can enhance your system's capabilities, ensure compliance with any industry regulations, and provide improved protection against emerging security threats.

How PHM Total Electrical Solutions Can Help

At PHM Total Electrical Solutions, we are committed to helping Melbourne businesses maximise the effectiveness of their commercial security systems. Our team can provide expert advice on system placement, maintenance, training, and upgrades, and can assist with system integration to ensure a comprehensive approach to security.

We offer a range of services, including system design and installation, regular maintenance checks, employee training sessions, and system upgrades. Our team stays abreast of the latest security technologies and threats, ensuring that the advice and services we provide are current and effective.


Maximising your commercial security system is crucial for ensuring the continued safety and security of your Melbourne business. PHM Total Electrical Solutions is here to provide expert advice and services to help you get the most out of your security investment. Contact us today to discuss your commercial security needs and discover how we can help maximise the effectiveness of your security system.

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