Proximity Readers and Access Control Systems

Proximity Readers and Access Control Systems

Nowadays, technology has evolved to the point where people can enter their businesses and homes without even putting keys into the locks. The combination of the access control systems and key fobs allows users to unlock their doors with just a swipe or touch. This type of system is much more secure than conventional lock and key and is more efficient than digital lock pads in which you have to put a password every time you need to unlock a door. 

It is easier to forget passwords, and it is much more challenging to manage keys. Moreover, the working of these things can be affected with the passage of time. This is why many individuals and companies are replacing traditional locks and keys with proximity readers and access control systems. Key fobs and access cards are types of proximity credentials that are more reliable and secure.

Different Types of Proximity Reader Systems

Proximity reader credentials use one-factor authentication. This means that when the key fobs or access cards are within close proximity of the access readers, they allow access to those who are authorised to pass the gate or door. A personal identification number is allotted to each proximity credential. The access system can be programmed to set limits or block entry at any time. The proximity devices won’t unlock the door until the proper access permission from the programmed security application is given to the user. 

Access Cards

An access card, also known as a Contactless card, has a unique card for each user. A magnetic script is present on the card. The door or gate will be unlocked when this card is placed near the reader, or the card comes within close proximity of the reader. You can use this card even in your pocket, wallet, or purse without even taking it out. 

Key Fobs

Key fobs are like access cards, but these are more like a report that allows users to access restricted areas where the device is placed. The size of key fobs is the same as a coin, and it can be kept in a keyring or in a pocket. You can use key fobs with access control systems programmed to allow entrance through one door or an entire facility. 

Proximity Readers and Access Controls Uses

Proximity readers can be used in any area which has gates such as apartments, complexes, hotels, offices, restricted areas, stock rooms, technical space, laboratories,  and parking garages. Moreover, access cards and key fobs are used to allow access to a neighbourhood in a shared pool facility, members of a gym or a sports facility, or students of a university or college to have access to libraries or dormitories. 

Proximity Reader Systems Advantages

The use of proximity reader systems is increasing day by day. Many companies and organisations are adopting this security system for increased security. Following are the key advantages of proximity reader systems:

Access Records

One of the significant features of proximity reader systems is that it automatically records the people who have entered the building. This critical information can be used to track employees’ attendance, the number of visitors, the movement of staff members, and the total number of people present in an area in case of an emergency. 

Special Features

Another advantage of key fobs and access cards is that they are very customizable. For instance, these can be used by a company for allowing access to vending machines, copy machines, gym lockers, supply closets of a hotel, pharmaceutical stocks, and medical equipment rooms. 


When you provide key fobs and access cards to employees, it can reduce the need for keys. More employees can have access to their work area without you needing to keep a record of multiple keys given to several different clients. They also provide customisable, secure access management to a company. These systems can be programmed to allow access to selective employees and block the entrance for a certain period of time. Moreover, you can easily replace proximity credentials in case they are lost, stolen, or old. You can do this by reprogramming the system with the access codes of new key fobs and blocking the old ones. 


More businesses have several valuable items stored in the building, which are easily more expensive than the apparent investment. These valuable items can be the equipment, stock of products, or simply sensitive company data. Proximity cards and key fobs can reduce the need for having separate keys for such rooms. Moreover, you won’t need to reissue the keys to specific staff members. You can simply program the system and allow only those employees who you want to give access to such areas. 


Traditionally we have been using locks and keys for securing gates and doors of our buildings, But this system is outdated and not secure because such locks are easy to pick. The more secure solution to this problem is proximity systems that use access cards and key fobs. These key fobs and access cards have a unique access code for each user. People prefer this system because it is more secure, convenient, can access the entrance records, and has many more special features. 

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