Temperature Measurement Cameras

COVID-19 has left much of the world at a stand-still. Although we don’t have a vaccine, I can provide you with a non-invasive camera that detects body temperature which could suit your business to limit the risk of contraction.

How this technology can help keep your business on it’s feet

The camera requires a specific setup and is best suited for indoor locations with heavy foot traffic. This camera has been around for 5 years and has proven to be very effective.

Staff Safety:
Many companies are doing their best to go about business as usual, knowing measures are being taken to identify who is potentially carrying the virus helps workers feel safer in their working environment.

Increase Public Confidence:
Building residents, customers, visitors, couriers, and so on will feel much safer knowing the right safety measures are in place.

Legal Reasons

If someone was to contract COVID-19 and it can be traced back to a particular location there may be legal implications as to why businesses/buildings continued to operate without the appropriate safety measures. This could protect your business.

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