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Card Access Control Systems

In the past where a simple lock and key might have been a sufficient means of security, it just might not be enough these days. It’s why we see more and more businesses across all sectors looking towards card access systems as their preferred means of security access control. Card access security systems are typically an effective way of letting staff and other authorised people onto the premises and keeping unauthorised people out. They’re used as a means of keyless entry into hotel rooms, university facilities, government buildings and other restricted access areas of a business. PHM Total Electrical Solutions provides access control installation and access card system maintenance across Melbourne so your business can enjoy optimal safety and security.

The Evolution of Security Access Control Systems

Card access security systems have evolved much like other means of security; no longer do we just have the swipe card access systems of the past that simply unlock once the card has been swiped. It’s now possible to combine additional security measures such as CCTV cameras, motion sensor alarms, smoke/fire alarms and more to create a comprehensive security access system solution. They can also be linked to power and other devices, such as lighting, heating, and cooling.

In addition to installing swipe card access, we can also install a keypad system to be used as a backup security measure. Additional back up security access systems can include fingerprint scanning and wireless remote control, all of which we can install for you.

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PHM Total Electrical Solutions looks forward to helping you improve your security with our range of security access control systems. To discuss anything from swipe card entry systems prices to choosing the best access card system for your needs, get in touch with us today. Call (03) 9331 5643, email or contact us online.

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