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IT Relocation Services in Melbourne

When the time comes for a business to relocate, a lot of planning and preparation must take place to ensure the process runs smoothly. This is particularly true for the business’ IT infrastructure; if not managed carefully by an expert in IT relocation services, the move to the new location can be problematic. The equipment and the network need to set up with minimal fuss and time wastage when it gets to the new destination so the business can get back to ‘business as usual’ as soon as possible. If you’re looking for IT office relocation services in Melbourne that can maintain your business’ stability during the move, contact an experienced IT relocation consultant at PHM Total Electrical Solutions.

Comprehensive and Efficient IT Infrastructure Relocation Services Available

At PHM Total Electrical Solutions, we pride ourselves on making office IT relocation a smooth and efficient process whether you’re moving across the city, across the road or even across the hall. We understand how important it is that you get your business up and running as soon as possible once the move has been completed, which is we offer the following IT office relocation services:

  • Labelling and identification of IT inventory
  • Summary and expected timeline of IT relocation
  • Tagging of assets, dismantling and careful packing
  • Provision of freight sensitive transport
  • Assemble of IT infrastructure, connecting and testing of network

Experts in Electrical Fitouts

The team at PHM Total Electrical Solutions has particular expertise in electrical fitouts. If you’re relocating to a new office that’s being fitted out, we can assist with everything from integrated lighting and wiring through to installation of the latest security and automation solutions.

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If your business is set to relocate and you want your IT infrastructure and network to pick up at your new destination where it left off, get in touch with our IT relocation specialists today. For effective and affordable move IT relocation services, call us on (03) 9331 5643, email or contact us online.

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