We Install Commercial EV Charging Stations in Melbourne

We specialise in supplying and installing top-tier commercial EV charging systems tailored for Melbourne businesses.
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Our business uses PHM for large commercial work and small office jobs and they are very professional, work to tight deadlines, deal with 3rd parties on our behalf and are very flexible. We are very happy to have them as our preferred supplier.
Marina Mildenhall
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Have been working with PHM for almost a year now and they are one of the most professional bunch who actually care about their clients and the work they do. I would never hesitate to recommend PHM's services.
Nitin Karunakaran
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Add Value with Convenient EV Charging Stations

We provide comprehensive EV charging station installations for a wide array of businesses in Melbourne.
Commercial EV Charging Stations
Shopping Centres
Enhancing customer experience with convenient charging options.
Commercial EV Charging Stations
Hotels and Resorts
Offering guests the luxury of charging their EVs during their stay.
Commercial EV Charging Stations
Corporate Offices
Facilitating employee and client EV charging needs.
Commercial EV Charging Stations
Educational Institutions
Supporting sustainable transport for schools and universities.
Commercial EV Charging Stations
Healthcare Facilities
Providing essential charging services for staff and visitors.
Commercial EV Charging Stations
Government Buildings
Assisting public sector entities in adopting green transportation.
Commercial EV Charging Stations
Restaurants and Cafes
Attracting a forward-thinking clientele with EV charging amenities.
Commercial EV Charging Stations
Residential Complexes
Modernising living spaces with EV charging facilities for residents.

Our Process

Streamlined EV Charging Installation

Experience a seamless transition to electric with our three-step installation process for Melbourne's commercial EV charging needs.
Planning and Design
We begin with a detailed site assessment and consultation to understand your needs. Based on this, we design a customised EV charging solution that fits your business’s specific requirements.
Professional Installation
Our skilled team undertakes the installation process, efficiently setting up the charging infrastructure with minimal disruption to your operations. This includes handling all necessary electrical work and ensuring the stations are strategically placed for optimal usage.
Training and Support
Post-installation, we provide comprehensive training on how to use and maintain the charging stations. Our support continues beyond installation, offering ongoing maintenance and assistance to guarantee the system's reliability and efficiency.

Why Choose Us for Your EV Charging Needs

Choosing us for your commercial EV charging needs means partnering with a team that truly understands and caters to your specific requirements. We offer expertly customised solutions, ensuring that our installations are not only efficient but also perfectly aligned with the unique needs of your Melbourne business. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, from using top-grade equipment to providing comprehensive aftercare and ongoing support. We stay ahead of the curve in technology, always bringing the latest advancements in EV charging to our clients. With our customer-centric approach and dedication to sustainable practices, we're not just a service provider; we're your partner in embracing a greener future.
Commercial EV Charging Stations


Frequently Asked Questions

Experience a seamless transition to electric with our three-step installation process for Melbourne's commercial EV charging needs.
We install a variety of chargers, including fast and standard options, suitable for different commercial needs.
Installation time varies, but we aim for minimal disruption, often completing within a few days.
Yes, we provide comprehensive maintenance to ensure your chargers remain in top condition.
Absolutely, we tailor the charging solutions to fit your specific business requirements.
Yes, our solutions are designed to be sustainable and energy-efficient.
Yes, we provide a warranty covering both installation and the charging equipment.
Yes, we manage all regulatory aspects, ensuring compliance with local standards.
Costs vary based on your specific needs; we offer a detailed quote after the initial assessment.

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